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Tools & Equipment

Our instructors use a variety of tools & equipment to ensure you get the best possible workout. We are equipped with plenty of tools to help enhance your experience. For those who are looking to enjoy the benefits at home, you can think about purchasing these on amazon (links provided below).

*estimated price, does not include delivery

We partner:


Non-Slip Socks

(Yoga / Pilates)

Non-Slip Socks assist with your workout by enabling you to hold a steady pose

Estimated Price



Franklin Ball (Textured)

Exercise balls designed to help with relaxation. Ideal for neck, jaw, elbow, hip and other areas of aches and pains

Estimated Price




Magic Circle

Designed to improve muscle tone of thighs, arms, and chest.

Estimated Price



Yamuna Body Rolling Ball Kit

Yamuna Balls are a self-rolling massage device that helps alleviate pain

Estimated Price



Franklin Ball 

(Air Ball)

Exercise ball used for Pilates workouts to help build core strength.

Estimated Price



Resistance Bands (Fabric)

Resistance bands to help you improve your home workouts. Tones your legs, thighs, glutes and arms

Estimated Price



Foam Roller (Full Length)

Foam rollers help with recovery of sore and tight muscles

Estimated Price



Core Balance 

Disc Trainer

Improve your core strength and balance with a Balance Disc Trainer

Estimated Price



Exercise Mat

(Yoga/ Pilates)

Durable & versatile exercise mat that provides comfort during Yoga/ Pilates, and stores easily

Estimated Price


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