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Lose your belly fat and get toned with strong nation classes

High Intensity Interval Training Workout To Help You Get Fit

STRONG Nation, formerly known as STRONG by Zumba is a High intensity interval Training (HiiT) work out that will help you tone your abs, glutes, arms & legs. STRONG Nation combines familiar exercise routines with upbeat music to deliver a full body workout that helps you to lose weight and condition your muscles. With moves intentionally designed to the beat of


music, STRONG Nation makes the every day workout like burpees, jumping jacks, squats, lunges and high knees into a fast-paced high intensity cardio workout that feels more like you've hit the dance floor then the gym. While you focus on the music, it is easy to forget to count the reps and instead naturally flow into the rhythm of the workout.

Hiit workouts are intense cardio workouts that are designed in short, and intense bursts to create a high intensity interval training. This helps your body achieve a state of anaerobic exercise and short recovery periods, and is therefore a great way to quick workout. Combined with catchy upbeat music, STRONG helps making workouts and fitness fun. Your weight loss goals are transformed from dreary exercises to a high energy fun filled cardio class. Helping you burn that belly without noticing the pain.

Our goal at Fitness Fun is to make fitness fun for everyone, hence we offer STRONG Nation classes to help people who are desperately trying to loose weight, find a fun way to engage themselves in a full body workout that is fun and enjoyable, that they can look forward too, and feel great after every lesson. Each class is designed to help you burn calories and tone your arms, legs and glutes. 

Fitness Fun also offers online classes for STRONG Nation where you can engage in this wonderful high intensity fat burn workout from the comfort of your own home. We guarantee that you will have a wonderful opportunity to burn calories, burn belly fat, and feel your muscles burn, as we work towards helping you become lean and toned.

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