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Private Pilates

How is FitnessFun’s Personal Training different from others?

Our personal training is focused on you. We believe in providing you lessons for what your body needs, whether it is building core-strength, improving flexibility or recovery from injuries or aches and pains. We use Pilates as our main form tool, but our highly experienced instructors use a variety of methods to complement the workout.

Unlike other studios, our focus is on helping our students get their form right. We believe in helping our students improve their body’s condition to get the exercises right instead of insisting on the right form when they are unable to handle it, thus, minimizing risk to injuries.

How much do you charge each Customized PT session?

Single Ad Hoc Sessions:

$160 for single, $200 for duo $240 for trio

Package of 10 sessions (3 mths validity):

$1,400 for single, $1800 for duo, $2200 for trio

Where will my PT sessions be held at?

Reformer Classes are offered at 2 locations: Core Collective Dempsey 27A, 30B/C, Loewen Rd, 248839 Core Collective Anson 79 Anson Rd, #21-01, #22-01, Singapore 079906

What to expect on my first lesson?

We will run through an indemnity form with you and do an assessment on your body’s condition. We will take the time to understand your fitness goals and from there, our fitness experts will plan your next 9 weeks.

If applicable, please bring a doctor’s clearance for exercise, X-rays or MRI documented results.

Your health and safety are our priority, and we want you to have a stress-free experience and enjoy your fitness journey. We will take care of the paperwork for you.

*Please note that we 30mins to run through the indemnity clauses with you for this first lesson. Your actual class will start from your body assessment followed by some exercises (dependent on your body assessment).

Online Classes

What video conferencing software does Fitness Fun use?

We usually use ZOOM for our online classes. However, upon request, we use Google Meet occasionally.

Do I need to turn on my video camera for the class?

While it is not mandatory to turn on your video camera during class, we highly encourage it as it would help our instructors check your posture and form to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly to get the most out of your lesson, especially for classes such as Yoga & Pilates.

We want you to be comfortable during the class, with or without your camera turned on. At the end of the day, it about you having an enjoyable class where you get the most benefit for your exercise.

What if I am having technical difficulty?

Contact us if you are having technical difficulty, and we’ll do our best to resolve it. We recommend allocating 15mins before the 1st lesson to familiarize yourselves and ensure that everything is working smoothly.

General Questions

What kind of attire should I wear?

Usual sports attire, plus proper shoes for high impact workout like Zumba Fitness, and STRONG Nation. Most importantly, make sure you are comfortable because we want you to move freely!

How can I make a booking?

We accept all major credit cards though our online booking system. We do not accept cheques, however payment by PayNow may be accepted upon request. In the event you need to use pay now, please write to us to request for this arrangement.

What happens after I have made my booking?

Online Classes:

Once we receive your booking a confirmation will be sent. The link for the online class will be sent to your email 24 hours prior to the class. Please note that, if the class does not hit the minimum number of 5 participants, we will contact you and a refund will be processed by bank transfer to local bank.

Face to face class:

Once the booking form is received, you will receive a whatsapp /sms message to confirm the appoint date and time. Thereafter, an invoice will be sent to you. Full payment needs to be made 2 days in advance before class date.

What do I need for my class?

Private Pilates & Reformer Pilates

Must haves: Non-Slip Socks

Recommended: NA

Optional: NA

Mat Pilates (Online)

Must haves: Yoga/ Pilates Mat

Recommended: Over ball (7 inch), Stretch Band. Towel,

Optional: Foam Roller

Release & Rejuvenate (Online)

Must haves: Yoga/ Pilates Mat

Recommended: Tennis balls or Therapy balls

Optional: Foam Roller, Balancing Disc


Must haves: Yoga/ Pilates Mat

Recommended: Yoga Belt or Hand Towel, Bolster (for Yin Yoga only)

Optional: Yoga Block

Strong Nation/ Zumba

Must haves: Proper shoes (trainers)

Recommended: Comfortable Sports attire

Optional: NA

What happens if I cannot make it for my appointment, am I allowed to cancel?

Yes, cancellations are allowed for all private classes if the request is made at least 24 hrs in advance. This allows us to make the necessary arrangements to accommodate the request. For group classes (face to face), late cancellations fees would apply. Email core-collective for more information.

For online classes, we do not accept cancellations.

Is my package transferrable? Can it be shared with friends/ family?

Yes! Packages for all private classes are transferable. Each package can be shared with 1 other friend/ family member and can only be used on separate sessions. Feel free to drop us a note for further clarification.

Can I extend my package?

We allow for extensions on a case-to-case basis as we understand that not everything happens according to plan. For extensions request, please get in touch our team. We will review your request and find a solution for you.

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, we do not process refunds. However, we understand that life is unpredictable, and we allow for extensions on packages and classes on a case-by-case basis. If for some reason you choose to not continue your class with us, you may transfer unused sessions to a friend or family. However, this transfer can only be done once for every package.

How do I know what class suits me best?

All our classes are designed specifically to address different fitness goals, take our quiz to help you find a class that suits you, or drop us a note and our team will be happy to advise.

If I am visiting from out of town, can I sign up for a single class?

It depends on the severity of your injury. For day to day back aches, neck aches and shoulder aches, our private pilates and release and rejuvenate classes can greatly help with your recovery. However, for more severe injuries, we recommend that you obtain your doctor’s clearance because we care for your well-being whilst you are embarking on this journey with us. We also partner with a physiotherapist, who can help assist you with whatever condition you may have.

Do I need to buy any special equipment to attend class?

Our classes do not require you to purchase any special equipment. There are some basic things you will need for the class (see q7), however, we do have recommendations on some tools & equipment that you can purchase to help enhance your work out. You can easily purchase them online, or at sports shops like decathlon. You may refer to our tools & equipment page, to check out our recommendations on the brands we use and trust.