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Relieve your aches & pains with the Franklin Method

Find Relief for Neck Aches, Shoulder Aches, Lower Back Aches

The Franklin Method is a modern therapy exercise that was developed by a Swiss dancer, Eric Franklin. Originally designed to help dancers to active the body and mind function using imagery, and movement, it has evolved to fit in with other disciplines that include yoga and pilates.

Fitness Fun has incorporated the Franklin Method into our yoga and pilates classes here in Singapore to help you with your overall well-being. We focus on using the therapy balls developed by Eric Franklin, to help our clients release tight muscles in specific areas of your body, and help you feel rejuvenated & reinvigorated.

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Our team is certified in the Franklin Method, and we have spent many hours developing and integrating the methods into our various classes, especially our private pilates classes. Because private classes allow us to focus on you as an individual, we use the time to help you relieve certain aches and pains commonly in the neck, shoulder, and lower back. We guide and teach you techniques that you will be able to perform at home to help you get relief from those dreadful aches and pains without needing to go for expensive massages.


According to, 80% of Singaporeans suffer from lower back pain from time to time and this can cause serious discomfort and be disruptive to day to day living. We see this evidently as many of our clients, come to us with aching bodies, stiff from sitting at the office desks for extended periods of time or they have tight muscles from other sports that they actively participate in.


Hence, we developed a specialized Release & Rejuvenate™ class to help clients work through difficult areas to help to release muscles and fascia and relieve them from aches and pains. Since offering the Release & Rejuvenate™ class, our clients often share how they are living pain free and are more energetic in their daily lives.

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