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Pilates for everyone at every stage of life

Improve Your Flexibility & Core Strength In Singapore

Developed by Joseph Pilates almost a 100 years ago, Pilates is an exercise routine that helps to strengthen the mind and body. Pilates classes are a great way to help build core strength and improve flexibility. Improved core strength helps to reduce lower back pains, improve your posture and 

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overall well-being. Our Pilates class focuses on intentional body movement and control to help you strengthen and develop a strong core. 

Our instructors are certified by Polestar Pilates, an international authority in Pilates that focuses on healing, and whole-body wellness through movement. We also specialize in the Franklin Method, a technique that uses the science of neuro plasticity to help improve your body function. Hence, with the knowledge of various methods, our pilates classes are science-based and aimed specifically at helping our clients identify and focus on specific areas to work on to improve their well-being. 

Fitness Fun offers both mat pilates & reformer pilates that each provide a unique way to enhance your workout, either using your body weight or the tension from the reformer. Our mat pilates will help you to focus on controlling your muscles and improve your core strength, posture, flexibility and tone your muscles. Giving your body the full body workout that it needs. 

Our reformer pilates makes use of the equipment to target specific areas of your body and muscle groups that may not be widely used for full body strengthening. On top of that, our team will introduce other pilates equipment and even certain therapy balls to assist with your workout and help ease sore spots, stiff areas of your body, providing relief to whatever aches and pains that you require. Either way, we focus on the movement to ensure you get the best value for your class.

We also offer private classes for 1 to 3 pax per class. This means that you can have a fully customized class to address specific needs. One of the benefits of joining our private pilates class is that on the first lesson, our instructors will conduct a full body assessment to understand your fitness level and plan your fitness journey with us so that the pilates class is customized specifically for you. We also follow up by conducting the full body assessment to measure your improvement and continue to fine tune your fitness goals, making us one of the most holistic pilates class in Singapore. 

Our full body assessment is developed by our team of experts and intended to ensure that we understand your body and give you the push that you need, no matter what fitness level of background you come from. The assessment helps to measure elements such as core strength, flexibility, posture, and balance. This helps us to ensure that we deliver the best pilates class Singapore has to offer!

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Is Pilates right for me?

Reduce neck & back pain
Most Singaporeans crave a spa day and massages to help get relief from neck pains, shoulder pains, and lower back aches. And while everyone loves a good massage (including our team at
Fitness Fun ), Pilates classes are a great way to help manage these aches and pains. Pilates works to strength key areas of your back and neck, thus, helping to provide a long-term relief from aches in your neck, shoulders and back. We still recommend you indulge in spa day to reward yourself from the hard work you put into our pilates class every now and then!

Develop core strength and postures
Pilates helps you develop core strength in parts of our body we often neglect. By brining awareness to these key areas, we develop a heighten sense and understanding of our bodies, including the way we treat it. Therefore, with the help of your strengthened core muscles your body naturally corrects is posture. The new posture will improve further improve the well being of your body, including reducing aches and pains that occurs due to bad posture.

Pilates does not discriminate. No matter your age, fitness level, or fitness goals, pilates is good for everyone, young or old. Even pregnant ladies would find pilates beneficial. Because pilates helps with the total well being of the mind and body, you will live a better life, with more energy, better posture, less aches, and pains, and if you are an athlete, it will improve your performance too.

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