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Corporate Classes

Wide Variety of Corporate Fitness Classes Offered

Without a doubt, fitness is an important part of life, and to a large extent, productivity of a company’s workforce. Corporate wellness programmes can minimise stress, all the more so at such times. A study by Harvard University researchers who reviewed 36 studies of corporate wellness programmes found that for every dollar spent on wellness programs, the company's absenteeism-related costs fell about $2.73. One meta-analysis of 42 corporate wellness studies also found a 25% reduction in sick leave and absenteeism, a 25% reduction in health costs, and a 32% reduction in worker's disability costs and compensation. 

corporate wellness

Choose from a selection of our corporate programs, or customize one for your employees

Both onsite & online classes are offered

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Mind & Body Classes

Pilates Mat


Yin Yoga

Hatha Yoga


Cardio Classes



Zumba Fitness

Zumba Gold

Zumba Toning

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