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When it comes to fitness, there are many different kinds of practice for each discipline. Fitness Fun practices certain methodologies in our fitness classes to help everyone achieve the best class suited for them. Our team of instructors are certified from various fitness academies, and have used the combined knowledge to create fitness classes that  are suitable for people of all ages, and fitness levels. Check out our different methodologies in the links below.

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Mind & Body Classes


Pilates exercises concentrate on using controlled body movements to help build core strength and  develop flexibility. 

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Yoga is commonly known as a spiritual exercise that is for the great for mental health and well being. Our Yin Yoga helps clients get more restful sleep.

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Franklin Method

The Franklin Method uses neuroplasticity & body movements to help the body correct its alignment, thereby providing therapeutic relief for aches & pains in your neck, shoulders and back.

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Cardio Classes

Piloxing blends high intensity boxing together with a lower intensity standing pilates and fun energetic dance for a total full body workout. 

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Zumba is a dance based cardio exercise that helps get your heart rate up, &lose belly fat. It is an enjoyable way to kick start your exercise goals.

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Formerly known as STRONG Zumba, STRONG Nation is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio workout  that helps you lose weight and tone your muscles.  

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