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Piloxing Classes to help improve your fitness

Cardio Workout That Empowers 

Piloxing is a non-stop cardio workout that comprises of standing pilates, boxing and dance that gives you an intense work out that combines core strength, flexibility and cardio for a holistic fitness experience. Piloxing was initially created to help women attain a "Sleek, Sexy and Powerful" self-image that empowers and enables women to take charge of their fitness and health.

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Fitness Fun is proud that our founder & owner, Lucretia Cheng was the first Piloxing

licensed instructor in Southeast Asia. Back in in the early '10s, Lucretia brought Piloxing to Singapore and started a new craze that swept over Singapore and became intensely popular.

Since our humble beginnings, we have expanded our expertise to other disciples and have also stuck to our roots, offering an updated Piloxing class that is suitable for both men & women. Piloxing is offered as one of our cardio classes to help people experience a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that enables you to get that heart rate up, and slows it down with standing pilates moves that give your workout the balance it needs.

Piloxing is great for beginners because it is fun and low impact, hence, being kind to your knees. Therefore, Piloxing is wonderful way to condition your body, losing weight, toning your arms,  building lean muscles, increasing your stamina and even helps with your stiff bones and joints. 

Here at Fitness Funour Piloxing class is designed to help you raise your fitness level regardless of age, sex, gender or fitness level. We bring you a fun-filled HIIT class that refreshes your body, hence, you will end each class with great satisfaction, knowing that you had worked your body in a healthy way. And because our instructors have extensive knowledge beyond Piloxing, you can be assured that your HIIT workout doesn't overwork and strain your body leading to injuries.

Piloxing will always be close to our heart, as it is at the root of Fitness Fun. We were the first to start the Piloxing craze in Singapore, and are more than happy to continue bearing this flag to evolve the Piloxing exercise to help people get the best HIIT cardio workout that they can get.

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