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Home Workouts when Working from Home

So, you have decided to go online in search of your favourite workout during the shut down period to keep your sanity. What do you need to prepare to get started? Here's a simple guideline.

First up, designate a space for your home studio - no clutter, somewhat bigger than a mat space - there is a place for every purpose, working out is the same. Having a designated spot surely would be more inspiring. If space is a constraint, perhaps it is time to clear out the clutter.

For safety, make sure you have enough space so that you won't bump into furniture when you are performing big movement like swinging your arms or have things falling over when you need to lie down on the mat. In fact, if you can find a space as wide as two mats and length of one and half mats or two should be good.

Second, gadgets. Set your lappy right opposite from your mat space or where you'd stand, best to perch it on eye level or slightly higher. For best audio experience, you may want to plug into your wireless earphones. If you're able to connect to a smart TV, that would be great, just be considerate to your family members who may want to watch their favourite programmes at the same time. If not, why not use this opportunity to get them join in? The phone is really not the best since you'd need to squint your eyes, unless all you need audio instructions.

Last, but not least, workout gear. Outdoors or indoors, it's a workout. If you're going for a high impact workout, make sure you put on proper shoes for it. There's no need to invest in another pair of shoes. Just clean up your current pair of trainers and use them! I assume most people have their own mats at home. However, they may be too thin if you have sensitive knees, tailbone, elbows, etc., so do standby towels. And for people without mats, you can either use a thin mattress or just layer up on the towels - just make sure you have non-slippery floors.

There you have it! It's not difficult to start getting active right where you are, your own comfortable spot at home.

Easy Home Workouts

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