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Fun Fitness Classes in Singapore

Fitness Fun aims to inspire people from all walks of life with different fitness levels, to get started on a fun fitness routine. We are about helping people achieve their fitness goals through a variety of fun fitness programs to improve cardiovascular health, strength,  flexibility, balance, core, and more!   

We believe that fitness should be fun for everyone!


Fitness Classes in Singapore for Every Body!

You are special, and so are your fitness needs. At Fitness Fun, we offer different classes to cater for every body type and fitness level. Whether you are looking for something to get your heart rate up, or you need some recovery and rehabilitation, we have something that will suit your needs.

Confronted by injuries and pain? We have personalized programs that can help you remain active whilst having a fun & enjoyable workout. Looking beyond manual therapy for strengthening programs? Our personalized programs equip clients with skills for daily maintenance. Besides training at selected Pilates studios and in the pool, we make use of a myriad portable tools for clients who prefer home programs.

From Pilates and Yoga to Zumba, there are classes for your mind and body to help you fulfill your fitness goals, regardless of your fitness level. 

Working and living in Singapore is stressful enough, so finding a fitness class in Singapore shouldn't add to the stress. So check out our different class offerings and get a head start on your fitness. 


Why Join Fitness Fun Classes?

We offer a variety of fitness classes in Singapore that will keep you excited about fitness. Our instructor's are highly qualified experts in multiple fields, thus they bring a multitude of experience to every class. The best part about it is that they bring in their skills and knowledge from different fields to ensure you get the best fitness experience possible. We highly recommend our Private Pilates class, as it gives you an opportunity to work with a personal coach, who will be able to help you condition your body to embark on your fitness journey. Find out what our clients have to say about our fitness classes here

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