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Variety is the spice of fitness. Improve your overall fitness level and overcome plateaus. Aim for a well-rounded routine that challenges your cardiovascular health, strength and flexibility, balance, core, and more!   
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Hi, Lucretia here, Founder & Director of

Fitness Fun

It was back in the ‘90s when I discovered my passion in fitness, in the midst of a stressful corporate work environment as a communication specialist. In 2007, I
finally took the plunge and committed wholeheartedly in my pursuit as a full-time fitness professional.

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Managing Limitations and Staying Active 

This is a personalised programme for those who wish to remain active, but are confronted by injuries and pain. Looking beyond manual therapy for strengthening programmes, our personalised programmes equip clients with skills for daily maintenance.  Besides training at selected Pilates studios and in the pool, we make use of a myriad portable tools for clients who prefer home programmes. 

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Private Pilates 

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