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What Our Clients Say


We can only say so much, we now let you hear it from our clients…

“I enjoy having the energy boost at the end of a work week…I also enjoyed learning some dance moves and had a blast with Lucretia’s laissez-faire style of coaching, which makes me want to dance more!”
~ Ginger Gwladys Tan, ITE College East

“I find that the pace of the class is good and it got me to work out some sweat. The class has benefitted me as I have learnt some new dance moves and my general fitness level has improved.”
~ Elaine Chua, ITE College East

“It (Zumba Fitness) is fun, relaxing, and you can dance the night away while exercising with Zumba!”
~ Dawn Sim, NUH

“This is the first time I’m joining the Zumba Fitness class. I find it very fun and entertaining. I feel that it is a good way to de-stress after a tiring day of work…and it is also very fortunate for us to have a good instructor.”
~ Charlyn Piala, NUH

“This is my first time joining the Zumba Fitness class as well. It makes exercising fun and we have had a great instructor!”
~ Esther Tang, NUH

“I have waited a long time to join the Zumba class, and I’m glad I’m here!”
~ Mallika Ragu, NUH

“I have participated in 16 sessions of PILOXING to-date…and I join the class because I find it very effective in toning my muscles… I find that my leg and arm muscles have become much stronger.”
~ Lee Xiang Jun, MCYS

“PILOXING is really fun, and it helps me tone my muscles and I have become more muscular than before. And my butt seems more toned now and I look good! And that is the most awesome thing about PILOXING – you get a mix of both!”
~ Lina Farhana, MCYS

“Our employees are happy with the exercise classes provided by Fitness Fun, certainly a great boost to the healthy lifestyle that we are advocating at work. Thanks!”
~ Carol Ng, StarHub Ltd

"By incorporating Fitness Fun exercise classes under our Workplace Health Programme, working out is never the same again with the interesting variety of moves and spontaneous instructors, our employees are always looking forward to the classes every week! Thank you!"
~ Ms. Ye, ST Microelectronics

“Very interactive classes…the classes are never the same so we are never bored. Always a pleasure to come for class every Sunday morning!”
~ Jennifer Campbell, Orchard Scotts

"Aqua aerobic has certainly strengthened my osteo-arthritic knees and improve my mobility. For a peroid of time, I have problems with my left knee. My movement had been restricted due to the acute pain and inflammation. I walked with a limp, couldn’t kneel or squat. Thanks to Lucretia’s weekly Aqua sessions for more than a year now, I am able to walk properly, kneel and squat! The Aqua exercises have also increased my stamina. Each Saturday, I look forward to the Aqua session, working out and having fun with my Aqua buddies.”
~ Florence Fong, Mill Point

“After my second child I suffered from lower back and knee pain that really changed my active lifestyle. When I heard about the aqua classes being low impact I thought I could exercise without hurting my knees and strengthen my stomach muscles without a painful back. After doing the classes conducted by Fitness Fun, my muscle strength and fitness has improve and for the first time in five years I am pain free!”
~ Loretta Green, Regency Park

For confidentiality, we are not able to publish many more organizations who have benefited from our programmes, but feel free to ask us for referrals. We have a list of happy and satisfied clients who are ready to share their testimonies. Simply email us at [email protected]